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Fluoride Egg Experiment

This experiment demonstrates the effectiveness of fluoride by showing how fluoride strengthens the shell of an egg.

Materials needed:
1. Two eggs
2. Two large clear cups or beakers
3. Vinegar
4. School Fluoride Mouthrinse (or over the counter mouthrinse)
5. A pencil

Use the pencil to mark one of the eggs with an F.  Soak the egg marked with an F in the fluoride rinse for at least 8 hours.

Place the fluoride soaked egg in a clear cup filled with vinegar.   Place the untreated egg in another cup filled with vinegar.

Wait 4 minutes until the untreated egg begins to bubble.  The breakdown in the surface of the egg is similar to the way acids in a person's mouth breakdown the surface of a tooth.  The fluoridated egg is unaffected, the same way fluoridated teeth are unaffected by tooth decay.


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