Licensure Unit Statutes

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Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Asbestos Control Act

Athletic Training

Audiology & Speech Language Pathology

Board of Health

Certificate of Need

Chemical Testing and Breath Testing Device Operators

Child Care Licensure

Children's Residential Facilites & Placing Licensure




Emergency Medical Services Act

Environmental Health Specialists

Funeral Directing and Embalming

Funeral Directing - Burial Pre-Need Sales

Funeral Directing - State Anatomical

Health Care Facilities

Hearing Instrument Specialists

Lead-Based Paint Professions Certification Act

License Suspension Act

Massage Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Radiography-

Medical Records

Medication Aide

Medicine and Surgery

Mental Health Practice

Nebraska Telehealth Act

Nurse Assistants and Paid Dining

Nursing Home Administrators

Nursing - Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licensure Act

Nursing - Certified Nurse Midwifery Practice Act

Nursing - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Act

Nursing - Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice


Nursing - Nebraska Center for Nursing Act

Nursing - Nurse Licensure Compact

Nursing - Nurse Practice Act

Nursing - Nurse Practitioner Act

Nursing - Nursing Faculty Student Loan Act

Nursing - Student Loan Act

Occupational Therapy


Patient Safety Improvement Act



Physical Therapy

Physician Assistant



Radiation Control Act

Respiratory Care

Swimming Pools

Uniform Credentialing Act

Uniform Credentialing Act for Mandatory Reporting

Veterinary Drug Distribution Licensing Act

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Water Operator Statutes

Well Driller Statutes

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Professions and Occupations Index Page

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