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Occupational Therapy/OT Assistant 
Temporary Credential/License

A temporary credential may be issued to an applicant who has met all requirements (see OT page for requirements) for the OT/OTA credential except for successful completion of the NBCOT certification examination. (NOTE: If you previously failed the credentialing examination, you are not eligible for a temporary credential.) A temporary licensee must practice in association with a licensed occupational therapist.

The temporary credential is valid until the Licensure unit receives the results of the examination from NBCOT. Temporary credential holders must have a complete application for a permanent OT/OTA credential on file with the Licensure Unit prior to the release of the examination scores.

Once the Licensure Unit receives the examination results from NBCOT, the temporary credential becomes null and void.

Passed the Examination

Those who have a complete application on file for a permanent OT/OTA credential will be issued a permanent credential effective the date the examination scores are received and processed by our office.

Failed the Examination

Those who fail the examination must cease practice upon receipt of the notice of examination failure. In order to be eligible for licensure in Nebraska, applicants must contact NBCOT to retake the credentialing examination. At such time the credentialing examination is passed, one can then reapply for a permanent credential.

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