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Occupational Therapy
Physical Agent Modality Certification
Ways to Become Certified

  1. To become certified based on a Hand Therapist Certification:
  • Complete the enclosed pdficon.gif (914 bytes) application; and
  • Submit your Hand Therapist Certificate number
  • Submit the fee
  1. To become certified based on experience:
  • Complete the enclosed pdficon.gif (914 bytes) application; and,
  • Pass the Nebraska Physical Agent Modalities Testing Service Examination(s) with a score of at least 75% and submit proof of passing. To take the exam contact: www.pampca.org;  If the exam is failed twice, you will have to take a board-approved training course.  (If you prefer not to take the exam, you may take a board-approved training course.)
  • Submit documentation listing employment situations where you have five years physical agent modality experience.  (Attachment D1 with the application)
  • submit the fee
  1. To be certified based on a basic educational program:
  • Complete the enclosed pdficon.gif (914 bytes) application; and
  • Submit documentation verified by a school official that you completed an approved education program.  (Attachment D2 with the application)
  • Submit the fee
  1. To be certified based on a board-approved training course:

The Physical Agent Modality Certification does NOT expire.  However, Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistant licenses need to be renewed by August 1st of each even numbered year.

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