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Athletic Training
Renewal Information

All Athletic Training licenses expire May 1 of each odd-numbered year. The Licensure Unit will send the license holder a renewal notice at least 30 days before May 1 of each odd-numbered year to the license holder’s last address of record. The licensee can renew his/her license by paying the renewal fee and returning the completed renewal notice attesting to the completion of 25 hours of continuing education taken during the preceding 24 month period. The licensee can also place his/her license on inactive status by marking inactive status and returning the completed renewal notice.

All Athletic Training licenses that do not meet the renewal requirements will expire.

Inactive means that you cannot practice but may represent yourself as having an inactive license.  To change from inactive to active status you must meet renewal requirements which are in effect at the time status change is requested.

Waiver of Continuing Education Hours

If a licensee had circumstances beyond his/her control that prevented obtaining continuing education hours, he/she may request a waiver at the time of the renewal notice of all or part of the continuing competency requirement.  The circumstances shall include:

  • Holds a credential but is not practicing in Nebraska;
  • Served in the regular armed forces during part of the period immediately preceding renewal;
  • Suffered from a serious or disabling illness or physical disability;
  • Licensed/certified within the Licensure Unit's period immediately preceding the renewal date.
  • Other circumstances beyond licensee's control

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