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Athletic Training


            An individual whose credential has expired, been placed on inactive status, voluntarily surrendered unrelated to discipline, been placed on lapsed status or non-disciplinary revocation may apply for reinstatement at any time.  The applicant must:

  1. Submit a completed reinstatement application;

  2. Obtain 25 hours of continuing education according to 172 NAC 17; and

  3. pay the fee(s)

  •  If the credential is expired, inactive, lapsed or non-disciplinary revocation, the reinstatement fee of $35 and the renewal fee; or

  • If the credential was voluntarily surrendered, the renewal fee.

An individual whose credential was suspended or limited may apply for reinstatement at any time.  An individual whose credential has been revoked may apply for reinstatement after a period of two years has elapsed from the date of revocation.  An individual whose credential was voluntarily surrendered due to discipline may apply for reinstatement according to the order entered by the Director.   To apply for reinstatement, the individual must contact the Licensure Unit for further direction. (402-471-2299)

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