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Athletic Training
Continuing Education

Each person holding an active athletic training credential must, on or before the date of expiration of the credential, comply with the continuing competency requirements for his/her profession, unless the requirements are waived in accordance with 172 NAC17-005.03 and 172 NAC 17-005.04.  Each credentialed individual is responsible for maintaining certificates or records of continuing competency activities.

On or before May 1 of each odd numbered year each athletic trainer who has an active license must:
  1. Have current certification from the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer (BOC, Inc.) or
  2. Complete 25 hours of continuing education during the preceding 24 month period; and
  3. Hold a current cardiopulmonary (CPR) certificate from a nationally recognized organization that issues CPR certificates
  4. Be responsible for maintaining until the next renewal period:
    Documentation of attendance at, or participation in, continuing education in, continuing education programs/activities.
    Documentation must include:
          a. Signed certificate; and
          b. Course brochure or course outline; and/or
          c. Other requested documentation pursuant to 172 NAC 17-
              -004.01D, items 3, 6, 7, and 8; or
          d. Copy of current BOC certification card
The Board of Athletic Training will not pre-approve continuing education programs.  Each athletic trainer will need to determine if the continuing education program he/she will be attending is acceptable.  Once an athletic trainer has determined that a program is acceptable and attends the program he/she must maintain a copy of the certificate of attendance and the course outline /objectives or other required documentation in his/her personal files.
The Department or the Board may biennially select, in a random manner, a sample of the renewal applications for audit of continuing competency requirements.  Each credential holder selected for audit must produce documentation of the continuing competency activities.

More information regarding the types of continuing education that are acceptable are listed in the regulations – 172 NAC 17-004-01C.  http://dhhs.ne.gov/publichealth/Pages/crl_rcs_at_regs.aspx


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