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Certified Nurse Midwife
Requirements for Practice

Requirements prior to commencing practice in Nebraska are:
  1. State certification as a CNM;
  2. A written PDF File Practice Agreement

Prior to commencing practice in Nebraska, a CNM must submit a Practice Agreement to the Department of Health and Human Services Licensure Unit. The practice agreement must be in writing and approved by the Board of Nursing and the Board of Medicine and Surgery. The agreement must identify the settings within which the CNM is authorized to practice, must name the collaborating licensed practitioner(s), and must define the medical functions to be performed by the CNM. If the collaborating licensed practitioner named in the practice agreement becomes temporarily unavailable, the certified nurse midwife may perform the authorized medical functions only under the supervision of another licensed practitioner designated as a temporary substitute for that purpose. The boards must approve any change to the agreement in setting, supervision, modification of authorized medical functions or for any other reason before any change may be permitted.

There is a standard agreement that has been approved by the boards. Any request for modification of the standard agreement must be approved by the boards prior to providing the services. Any request for modification of the standard agreement should be communicated to the Licensure Unit Nursing Practice Consultant at (402) 471-4376.

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