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Certified Nurse Midwife

Nursing and Nursing Support

A Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) is a registered nurse who has successfully completed a recognized program of study and clinical experience in obstetrical and gynecological services.

All CNMs must pass a national certification examination. CNMs are authorized, under the provisions of a written practice agreement with a collaborating licensed practitioner, to provide delegated medical acts including managing care during pregnancy, labor, delivery and after-birth phases for both the mother and newborn. CNMs may also provide gynecological and women’s health service at times other than pregnancy.

The services provided by the CNM may be provided in a licensed health care facility, in the primary office of a licensed practitioner or in any setting authorized by the collaborating licensed practitioner, or within an organized public health agency. A CNM may not attend a home delivery.

The collaborating licensed practitioner(s) shall be responsible for supervision through ready availability for consultation and direction to the CNM when any delegated medical functions are provided. The CNM and collaborating licensed practitioner shall have jointly approved protocols for all delegated medical functions. The protocols shall guide the CNM’s practice. The protocols shall be reviewed, updated, and reaffirmed by both parties on a regular basis and no less frequently than every two years. Protocols must be available at all work sites.

Patients who require care beyond the expertise of the certified nurse midwife shall be referred to an appropriate health care provider. Prescribing of Schedule II Controlled substances is limited to pain control only and only for up to 72 hours. There is no legal requirement for direct supervision or for co-signature on any records.

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