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Certified Nurse Midwife
Unprofessional Conduct

CNMs are expected to provide safe and effective care to all patients they serve. Examples of behavior that would be grounds for discipline against an CNM license include:

  • Misappropriating medications, supplies, or personal items of a patient or agency.
  • Violating the confidentiality of information or knowledge concerning the patient.
  • Committing any act which endangers patient safety or welfare.
  • Failure to seek consultation and collaboration or failure to refer a patient when warranted by patient condition.
  • Practice of the profession without a current active license or temporary permit.
  • Failure of a certificate holder, who is subject of a disciplinary investigation, to furnish the Board or its investigator with requested information or requested documents.
  • Falsification or misrepresentation of material facts in attempting to procure employment as an CNM.
  • Intentional falsification of material facts in a material document connected with the practice of nursing in the expanded role of nurse midwifery.
  • Kissing, fondling, touching or engaging in any other activities of a sexual nature with a patient.
  • Violating any term of probation, condition, or limitation imposed on the certificate holder by the Department.

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