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Paid Dining Assistant
Requirements for approval of courses

Any individual or entity wishing to be approved as a course sponsor must submit an application to the department that includes:

  1. The name of the entity or person providing the course;
  2. The course curriculum, including all course materials that will be utilized to meet the content areas or the name of an already approved curriculum;
  3. A detailed description of methods used to determine competency of each paid dining assistant, including copies of exams and/or procedures or the name of an already approved curriculum and competency evaluation;
  4. The name and license number of the registered nurse administering the course; and
  5. The signature of the registered nurse administering the course.

Any changes to an approved course or the licensed registered nurse administering the course must be submitted in writing to the Department for prior approval.

Course providers must submit to the Department the following information for each individual who has successfully completed the paid dining assistant course and competency evaluation within 30 days of completion. This information must include the individual's:

  1. Name;
  2. Address;
  3. Date of birth; 
  4. Social Security Number;
  5. Name of Course Provider; 
  6. Date of course completion; and 
  7. Date of competency evaluation. 

Course providers must maintain, for two years, course attendance records for each paid dining assistant course taught, including:

  1. Name and title of the instructor of each course topic;
  2. Names of individuals completing the course; and
  3. Dates and hours completed in each course topic.

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