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Paid Dining Assistant
Course, Curriculum, and Training Requirements

Paid dining assistant courses:

  1. must be approved by the Department;
  2. must be taught by a single entity or person;
  3. must consist of at least 8 hours of classroom and clinical instruction;
  4. must be administered by a licensed registered nurse; and
  5. must include instruction and competency evaluation in the required content areas.

 The curriculum of an approved paid dining assistant course must include instruction and competency evaluation in the following content areas:

  1. Feeding techniques;
  2. Assistance with feeding and hydration;
  3. Communication and interpersonal skills;
  4. Appropriate responses to resident behavior;
  5. Safety and emergency procedures;
  6. Infection control;
  7. Resident rights;
  8. Recognizing changes in residents that are inconsistent with their normal behavior and the importance of reporting these changes to the supervisory nurse;
  9. Special needs of residents in relation to feeding who may have additional medical conditions; and
  10. Abuse and neglect.

 Individuals must complete both the training and the minimum competency requirements in order to successfully complete the paid dining assistant course. Competency assessments must be determined by a licensed registered nurse.

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