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Health Practice (LMHP) Licensing Requirements

Licensed mental health practitioner means a person who holds himself/herself out as a person qualified to engage in mental health practice or a person who offers or renders mental health practice services

If you are:

  • licensed as a mental health practitioner (LMHP) and certified as a master social worker (CMSW) you may use the title licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). For CMSW requirements, click here.
  • licensed as a mental health practitioner (LMHP) and certified as a professional counselor (CPC) you may use the title licensed professional counselor (LPC). For CPC requirements, click here.
  • licensed as a mental health practitioner (LMHP) and certified as a marriage and family therapist (CMFT) you may use the title licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). For CMFT requirements, click here.

Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP) is a person who needs to obtain the required 3,000 hours of supervised experience in mental health practice in order to qualify for a mental health practitioner license. Click here to view the requirements for provisional licensure.

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License Requirements

Initial License: (See PDF File 172 NAC 94-003.01)

To apply for an initial license you must complete the PDF File application.

Reciprocity: (See PDF File 172 NAC 94-003.02)

To apply for a license you must complete the PDF File application.

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Issuance and Processing Time

If the PDF File application is complete, issuance of the license usually occurs within approximately 2 weeks. However, if you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction, or other circumstance that warrants further review, the Board of Mental Health Practice will review said application at their next regularly scheduled meeting. Click here to check schedule. By statute, the Department must act within 150 days upon receipt of a completed application for license.

If you meet all the requirements for a license within 180 days prior to the renewal date, you may:

  1. Request that the Department delay the processing of the PDF File application and the issuance of the license until the biennial renewal date and pay only the fee for initial licensure (you would not be able to practice until the renewal date); or
  2. Request that a license be issued immediately (which will be valid until the current renewal date) and pay the prorated fee for an initial license.

License Expiration: All Mental Health Practice Licenses expire 9/1 of even-numbered years.

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These forms may be completed online, however, they cannot be submitted via e-mail due to the fact that all applications and forms require original signatures. If you complete the form online, you must print the form and mail it to the address listed.

All materials shall be submitted to Licensure Unit with fee payable to the "Licensure Unit".

Licensure Unit
PO Box 94986
Lincoln, NE 68509-4986

PDF File Mental Health Practice License - you may complete on-line, print and mail.
PDF File Mental Health Practice License based on Reciprocity (License in another State)
PDF File Examination Registration
PDF File Examination Accommodation Request Form

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Reciprocity: If you hold a mental health practice license (or license of similar title) in another state, you may apply for licensure by:

  1. Meeting the same requirements as listed in 'Initial License';
  2. Having been in the active and continuous practice under license or certification in the State, Territory, or District of Columbia from which he/she comes for at least 1 year; and have been actively engaged in the practice under such license or certificate or in an accepted residency or graduate training program for at least 1 of the 3 years immediately preceding the PDF File application for licensure.

To apply for a license by reciprocity, you would submit:

  1. The same information as stated for initial "license" (except #2 verification of 3,000 hours, providing you have practiced at least 1 year in the other state under a full license as a mental health practitioner), and
  2. A certification from the state in which you are licensed (the certification form is attached to the PDF File application or the state may choose to use their own form. This certification must verify that you are duly licensed or certified, that your license has never been suspended or revoked, and that so far as the record of the agency is concerned, you are entitled to its endorsement.

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To be licensed (not required to apply for the provisional license) an applicant must have passed the appropriate mental health practice examination based on the applicant’s degree as follows:


Computerized Testing



Social Work


Association of Social Work Boards Clinical Examination (ASWB)

Scaled 75

Counseling, Psychology or related counseling


National Board for Certified Counselors  National Counselor Examination (NCE) OR National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE)

National Cut Score

Marriage and family therapy or related marriage and family


Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards Examination (AMFTRB)

National Pass Point

The following provides instructions and the application for the examination. 

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Misdemeanor/Felony Convictions or Licensure Discipline

If you had a misdemeanor or felony conviction or had your license in any health care profession in another state revoked, suspended, limited or disciplined in any manner, you must request the following documents be sent directly to this office:

  • Official Court Record, which includes charges and disposition;
  • If the conviction involved a drug and/or alcohol related offense, all addiction/mental health evaluations and proof of treatment (if treatment was obtained and/or required);
  • If you are currently on probation, a letter from your probation officer addressing probationary conditions and your current status; and
  • If your license in health care in another state has been revoked, suspended, limited or disciplined in any way, an official copy of the disciplinary action, including charges and disposition.

NOTE: If you have any criminal charges or license disciplinary actions pending that results in conviction or license discipline, you are required to report such actions to this department within 30 days.

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Renewal (does not apply to provisional licenses)

Expiration Date: All mental health practice licenses expire 9/1, of each even-numbered year.

Renewal Process: Notice of renewal is sent to each licensee approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date. It is important that your address is current with our office in order to assure delivery of the renewal notice.

A person who practices after expiration of his/her credential is subject to assessment of an administrative penalty fee of $10 per day up to $1000.

Additional Information: Click PDF File here to find additional information relating to the renewal, revocation and reinstatement process.

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Continuing Education (does not apply to provisional licenses)

On or before 9/1 of each even-numbered year, each mental health practitioner who is in active practice in the State of Nebraska shall complete 32 hours of approved continuing education (c.e.) during the proceeding 24-month period. Of these 32 hours, at least 2 hours must be related to Ethics (this does not apply to social workers).

Hours earned prior to this date will be not be acceptable; and hours earned in excess of the requirement may not be carried over for the next license renewal.

The following sets out the hours that can be gained through academic credit, home study, publications, dissertations, and by educational/training videos.

  1. Academic Credit:
    • 1 semester hour = 15 c.e. hours;
    • 1 semester hour audited = 8 c.e. hours;
    • 1 quarter hour = 10 c.e. hours;
    • 1 quarter hour audited = 5 c.e. hours;
    • 1 trimester hour = 14 c.e. hours; and
    • 1 trimester hour audited = 7 c.e. hours;

MHP-Academic credit must be graduate level coursework
CMSW/CSW-Academic credit may be either graduate or undergraduate level coursework

  1. Home Study Programs may accumulate up to 20 hours of continuing education per renewal period;
  2. Publications may accumulate up to 20 hours of continuing education per renewal period (written by the licensee and published in a professional journal);
  3. Dissertations may accumulate up to 32 hours of continuing education per renewal period;
  4. Teaching College/University Courses may accumulate up to 30 hours of continuing education per renewal period (hours are calculated same as academic credit);
  5. Educational/Training Videos: may accumulate up to 10 hours of continuing education within a renewal period utilizing educational/training videos; and
  6. Workshop/Seminar/Lecture, etc: 1 continuing education hour or credit means 60 minutes of participation.

The Board of Mental Health Practice does not approve continuing education offerings, but may accept as continuing education for licensure and certification renewal, learning experiences, provided they are planned and conducted for mental health practitioners and if they are related to mental health practice. Click PDF File here for the memorandum which outlines the continuing education program requirements.

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