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Massage Therapy
Renewal Information

Expiration Date: All massage therapy licenses expire 11/1, of each odd-numbered year.

Renewal Process: Notice of renewal is sent to each licensee approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date. It is important that your address is current with our office in order to assure delivery of the renewal notice. To renew a license, you must:

  1. Document 24 hours of approved continuing education (on the renewal form), earned within the renewal period; and
  2. Inform the Department of any misdemeanor/felony convictions or disciplinary actions pending or taken in another state within the previous 24 months. For information relating to the documentation that must be submitted, click here.
  3. Pay the renewal fee of $110.00.
Expiration: You will only receive one notice of renewal. Renewals not postmarked or received by 11/1 will expire.


Administrative Penalty/Other Action: An individual who practices after the expiration date of his/her credential is subject to assessment of an Administrative Penalty of $10 per day for each day of practice up to $1000, or such other action as provided in the statutes and regulations governing the credential.

Continuing Education Waiver: The Department of Health and Human, on the recommendation of the Massage Therapy Board, may waive the continuing education requirements, in part or in total, for any 2-year licensing period when a license holder submits documentation that circumstances beyond his or her control prevented completion of such requirements. Such circumstances shall include situations in which:

  1. The license holder has served in the regular armed forces of the United States during part of the 24 months immediately preceding the license renewal date;
  2. The license holder was first licensed within the 24 months immediately proceeding the license renewal date.
Inactive Status: A licensee may request that his/her license be placed on inactive status at any time. If you choose inactive status, you can not provide massage therapy services.
  • Inactive status means the voluntary termination of the right or privilege to represent oneself as a massage therapist, but retains the right to represent himself or herself as holding an inactive license. No fee is required for this status.

Additional Information: Click here to find additional information relating to the renewal, revocation and reinstatement process.

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