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Massage Therapy
Kris Chiles
Program Manager

Office of Behavioral Health & Consumer Services

Regulations Effective May 11, 2010

For information related to Animal Therapy, click here for a copy of Title 172, Chapter 182, Licensure of Animal Therapists.

Joint Board Dermatologic Workgroup Final Report

Massage Therapy means the physical, mechanical, or electrical manipulation of soft tissue for the therapeutic purposes of enhancing muscle relaxation, reducing stress, improving circulation, or instilling a greater sense of well-being and may include the use of oil, salt glows, heat lamps, and hydrotherapy.

It shall not include diagnosis or treatment or use of procedures for which a license to practice medicine or surgery, chiropractic, or podiatry, is required nor the use of microwave diathermy, shortwave diathermy, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electrical stimulation of over thirty-five volts, neurological hyperstimulation or spinal and joint adjustments.

Licensure Exceptions: The following are NOT required to obtain a massage therapy license ( pdf iconStatutes Relating to Massage Therapy): 1) Licensed physicians and surgeons, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, registered nurses, practical nurses, cosmetologists, chiropodists, physical therapists, and barbers who are exclusively engaged in the practice of their respective professions; 2) physicians of the United States Army, Navy, or Public Health Service when acting in the line of duty in this state; and 3) students performing massage therapy services when they render such services within the scope of an approved massage therapy school under the supervision of a licensed massage therapist. 4) Individuals who hold a current license as a massage therapist in another state and who travel with and provide massage therapy services to theatrical groups, entertainers, or athletic organizations.

Reflexology: In order to provide reflexology services, you MUST hold a license to practice massage therapy or a license in another discipline which authorizes such practice.

For Massage Therapy Establishment information, click here.

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