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Funeral Directing and Embalming
Renewal Information

Renewal Process: You will receive ONLY 1 notice to renew your license.  If you fail to complete any section of the renewal form, it will be returned to you and it must be resubmitted and postmarked by the expiration date.  If you fail to meet the requirements for renewal on or before the date of expiration, or fail to place your credential on Inactive Status, it will expire without further notice or hearing.  When your credential expires, the right to represent yourself as a credentialed person and to practice the profession in which a credential is required will terminate.  Any credentialed person who fails to renew the credential by the expiration date and desires to resume practice of the profession must apply to the Department for reinstatement of the credential. 

Administrative Penalty:  AN INDIVIDUAL WHO PRACTICES FUNERAL DIRECTING AND/OR EMBALMING AFTER THE EXPIRATION OF HIS/HER CREDENTIAL IS SUBJECT TO ASSESSMENT OF AN ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTY OF $10 PER DAY UP TO $1,000 or such other action as provided in the statutes and regulations governing the credential.


If you elect not to renew your credential, you may select Inactive Status.  Inactive means that you cannot practice but may represent yourself as having an inactive credential.  To change from inactive to active status you MUST contact this office for an application and meet the reinstatement requirements which are in effect at the time the status change is requested.  You do not have to meet the continuing competency requirements to request Inactive Status.

Active Status 

To renew a license active status, you must:

  1. Attest to earning 16 hours of approved continuing education (on the renewal form), earned within the renewal period

  2. Inform the Department of any misdemeanor/felony convictions or disciplinary actions pending or taken in another state since your last renewal or during the time period since initial credentialing if such occurred within the previous two years.   If convicted/disciplined, you must also submit:

    1. Disciplinary Action:  A list of any disciplinary actions taken against the applicant’s credential and a copy of the disciplinary action(s), including charges and disposition; If the applicant was denied a credential or denied the right to take a credentialing examination, an explanation of the basis for the denial; 

    2. Conviction Information:

    1. A list of any misdemeanor or felony convictions;
    2. A copy of the court record, which includes charges and disposition;
    3. Explanation from the applicant of the events leading to the conviction (what, when, where, why) and a summary of actions the applicant has taken to address the behaviors/actions related to the convictions;
    4. All addiction/mental health evaluations and proof of treatment, if the conviction involved a drug and/or alcohol related offense and if treatment was obtained and/or required;
    5. A letter from the probation officer addressing probationary conditions and current status, if the applicant is currently on probation; and
    6. Any other information as requested by the Board/Department;

3. Pay the renewal fee.
You will not receive a 2nd notice of renewal.

Expiration: Renewals not postmarked or received by 2/1 will expire.

Continuing Education Waiver: The Department of Health and Human Services, Licensure Unit, on the recommendation of the Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers, may waive the continuing education requirements, in part or in total, for any 2-year licensing period when a license holder submits documentation that circumstances beyond his or her control prevented completion of such requirements. Such circumstances shall include situations in which:
  1. The license holder holds a Nebraska license but is not practicing his or her profession in Nebraska;
  2. The license holder has served in the regular armed forces of the United States during part of the 24 months immediately preceding the license renewal date;
  3. The license holder has submitted proof that he or she was suffering from a serious or disabling illness or physical disability which prevented completion of the required number of continuing education hours during the 24 months immediately preceding the license renewal date; and
  4. The license holder was first licensed within the 24 months immediately proceeding the license renewal date.

Additional Information: See pdf icon Statutes Relating to Funeral Directing and Embalming/Funeral Establishments to find additional information relating to the renewal, revocation and reinstatement process.

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