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Funeral Directing and Embalming
Examination Information

National Examination: The national examination is administered through an accredited mortuary science college.

Jurisprudence and Vital Statistics Examination: To take this examination, you must either be in an apprenticeship or have your license application approved via reciprocity and submit an pdf icon examination registration application. The examination is administered on set dates during the months of:

  • January, April, July and October 
  • Nebraska requires a score of 75% or above on each examination.
  • The written jurisprudence examination consists of 50 true and false/multiple choice questions.  Questions will be developed from the following:

The Nebraska Vital Statistics Forms Examination requires completion of the following 6 forms,

  • Certificate of Death
  • Certificate of Fetal Death
  • Application of Disinterment Permit
  • Disinterment Permit
  • Casket Sales Report
  • Permit for Transit or Cremation

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