Effective January 1, 2004 applicants are required to take only a written examination. This Examination will satisfy both the written and practical examination requirements for Nebraska cosmetology, cosmetology instructor, esthetician and esthetician instructor licensure. (Note: Nail technicians and nail technology instructors currently require only a written examination.)

Individuals not passing the "hands-on" practical tests and/or the pencil and paper written tests given before December 31, 2003 will be required to retest in the combined format to meet the licensure requirements for cosmetology, cosmetology instructor, esthetician and esthetician instructor.



LaserGrade will administer the computer-based examination at sites in Nebraska as well as other locations throughout the United States.

  1. To apply for the examination, you must submit to the Department:
    1. A complete application for a license
    2. The request pdf icon form to take the computer based format
    3. The licensure fee as stated on application
    4. All required documents (includes information regarding convictions and requests for accommodations for testing in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act).
  2. When the department determines that your application is acceptable, we will send you an authorization letter advising that you are eligible to take the test and we will also provide the phone number and web site address to contact LaserGrade in order to schedule your test date and the city where you wish to test. Authorization to take the test expires on the date stated in the letter.
  3. You must contact LaserGrade within the authorization period, to schedule a test date and location. You must also pay the fee for the computer-based test either by:
    1. Credit card at the time of the phone call; or
    2. Check or money order. If paying by check/money order you must send the fee to LaserGrade. Once LaserGrade receives the money, you can then schedule the examination date and testing location.
  4. You will be given same-day results; however, the testing company will send an official score report to the Department. Within 5-10 days from receipt of the official score report, the Department will notify applicants of licensure or denial
  5. Applicants who are not successful in passing the examination will be sent a new authorization letter when they reapply and they will be required to again pay the examination fee for the computer-based test.


Individuals making initial application for a license by examination may also apply for a temporary license. The temporary license expires for the following reasons (whichever comes first):

  1. Individual does not take the next scheduled test
  2. Upon receipt of examination results
  3. Upon the date of expiration stated on their temporary license
  4. Upon changing salons


Any questions you have regarding the examination or information contained in this memorandum, should be directed to Susan Chocholousek at the DHHS Licensure Unit at (402) 471-2399.

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