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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

To view complete information relating to inspections, click pdf iconhere.  To view a sample copy of the inspection report, click pdf iconhere.


The department must conduct an initial on-site inspection to determine compliance with pdf icon175 NAC 18 Sections pdf icon006 and 007. This inspection must be conducted within 30 working days, or later when requested by the applicant, of receipt of a completed application for an initial license. The Department must provide a copy of the inspection report to the facility within 10 working days after completion of an inspection.

Random Selection:

Each year the Department may conduct an inspection of up to 25% of the substance abuse treatment centers based on a random selection of licensed substance abuse treatment centers.

Focused Selection:

The department may conduct an inspection of a substance abuse treatment center when the Department is informed of one or more of the following:

  1. An occurrence resulting in client death or serious physical harm to clients;
  2. An occurrence resulting in imminent danger to or the possibility of death or serious physical harm to clients;
  3. An accident or natural disaster resulting in damage to the physical plant and having a direct or immediate adverse effect on the health, safety, and security of clients;
  4. The passage of five years without an inspection;
  5. A complaint alleging violation of the pdf icon Health Care Facility Licensure Act or pdf icon175 NAC 18
  6. Complaints that, because of their number, frequency, and type, raise concerns about the maintenance, operation, and management of the substance abuse treatment center;
  7. Financial instability of the licensee or of the licensee’s parent company;
  8. Outbreaks or recurrent incidents of physical health problems such as dehydration, pressure sores, or other illnesses;
  9. Change of services, management, or ownership;
  10. Change of the status of the accreditation on which licensure is based as provided in 175 NAC 18 Section pdf icon004.09
  11. Any other event that raises concerns about the maintenance, operation, and management of the substance abuse treatment center.


The Department may conduct re-inspections to determine if a facility fully complies with the requirements of 175 NAC 18 Sections pdf icon006 and 007.

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