Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Veterinarian - A veterinarian is a person who has received a doctor’s degree in veterinary medicine from an accredited school of veterinary medicine or its equivalent.  

Veterinary Technician - Veterinary Technicians perform delegated animal health care tasks under the supervision of veterinarians. Only a licensed veterinary technician may advertise or offer his or her services in a manner that leads others to believe that he or she is a veterinary technician.


Federal Controlled Substances (DEA) Registrant Information can be accessed by credentialing organizations, hospitals, and pharmacies after obtaining a User ID and Password. To obtain a User ID and Password contact the Licensure Unit by e-mail at

In addition to General License Information this version of the data contains Federal Controlled Substances Registration numbers and expiration dates for health care providers that hold a Nebraska license and have submitted proof of holding such Federal Registration. Federal controlled substances (DEA) registrant information is validated on licenses at the time of issuance and updated on a quarterly basis.

Federal Controlled Substance (DEA) Registrant





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