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Medical Radiography
License Renewal Information

Expiration date: A Medical/Limited Radiographer licensed prior to 12/01/08 will expire two years from the date of issuance, on the last day of the month of issuance (example, license issued 8/15/08 will expire 8/31/10), until the next renewal of the license and then the expiration date will change to the uniform expiration date of 12/01/of even years.

Renewal Process: Notice of renewal will be sent out to each licensee at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the license. Only one (1) renewal notice will be sent. The renewal will be mailed to the address that is on file with the department at that time. It is important that your mailing address be updated at all times in order to assure delivery of your renewal notice. You must submit:

  1. Attestation of having completed 24 hours of approved continuing education within the 24 months preceding the expiration date or of having maintained ARRT registration.
  2. Renewal fee of $146.00.

** All Licenses that fail to be renewed by the expiration date will have an expired status. All licenses that fail to renew by the expiration date will be required to complete a reinstatement application to resume practicing.

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