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Medical Radiography
Continuing Education

The licensee will need to maintain continuing education records for the four years prior to the renewal date. The licensee will need to send photocopies of his/her certificates of attendance to the Department only if the licensee is chosen for a continuing education audit.

Medical Radiography - 180 NAC 16

Continuing Education Programs must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at least 50-60 minutes in duration;
  2. The topic and/or objectives must relate to Medical Radiography, which includes but is not limited to mammography, MRI, computed tomography, cardiovascular technology, quality management, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, ultrasound and medical dosimetry, as set forth in 180 NAC 16-009.04; and
  3. Programs must be open to all Medical Radiographers and Limited Radiographers licensed in Nebraska.

The Department will accept the following types of programs:

  1. Programs which meet the quality of standards established by nationally recognized organizations or associations of radiography, such as American Registry of Radiologic Technicians ( ARRT) or the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).

a.        Passing an advance level examination in mammography, MRI, computed tomography, cardiovascular technology, quality management, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy or ultrasound during the renewal period may be used to satisfy all continuing education for that renewal period.

  1. Learning experiences provided they are planned and conducted for individuals performing Medical Radiography which are related to the practice of Medical Radiography.
  2. Academic courses in an accredited post-secondary institution which are related to the specific knowledge and/or technical skills required for the practice of Medical Radiography.
  3. Courses, lectures or offerings related to the technical and scientific knowledge for the practice of Medical Radiography which includes but is not limited to:

a.        Radiation protection;

b.       Equipment maintenance and operation;

c.        Image production and evaluation;

d.       Patient care and management; and

e.        Quality assurance activities.

  1. A course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which results in certification by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. Such certification must be valid at the time of renewal. Only four (4) credit hours of this type of course may be counted within the renewal period. A copy of the current certification card shall be deemed adequate in meeting documentation a licensee must provide in the event of an audit.
  1. Home study with testing mechanism. If there is no testing mechanism or certificate of completion, the licensee must submit an abstract or resume of the material covered to the Department. Said abstract or resume must be written by only the licensee and will be reviewed for approval by the Department. The only home study courses allowed shall be those courses which have been assigned a specific number of continuing education credit hours by the home study provider.
  1. Continuing education obtained to meet continuing education requirements of a health care profession other than Medical Radiography licensed, certified, or registered by the Department may be acceptable if such continuing education has a rational connection to the practice of Medical Radiography and meets the requirements listed in number 4 above. No more than four (4) hours of this type of continuing education may be counted within each year of the renewal period.


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