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Pharmacy Technician Registration
Kathie Lueke, Program Manager

Medical & Specialized Health 

With the passage of Legislative Bill 37 (LB37) that became effective as of August 30, 2015, all individuals being hired as a pharmacy technician by a pharmacy facility licensed under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act will need to be registered with the Pharmacy Technician Registry prior to working as a pharmacy technician.  In addition, beginning January 1, 2017, a pharmacy technician will need to be certified by a state or national certifying body approved by the Board in order to be employed as a pharmacy technician in a pharmacy or health care facility.

To register as a pharmacy technician, an individual must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be a high school graduate or be officially recognized by the State Department of Education as possessing the equivalent degree of education;
  • Have never been convicted of any non-alcohol, drug-related misdemeanor or felony;
  • File an application with the Department; and
  • Pay the applicable fee. 

The Application for Registration as a Pharmacy Technician is available on the Department’s website. Pharmacy technicians must submit the completed application, supporting documentation, and the fee to the Department’s address included on the form. 

Regulations to establish the fee for pharmacy technician registration became effective February 9, 2008.

A registration to practice as a pharmacy technician may be denied, refused renewal, removed from the registry, suspended, or have other disciplinary measures taken against it for failure to meet the requirements for registration or for violation of any provision of the statutes or regulations that govern pharmacy technicians.  It is recommended that pharmacy technicians and their employers review the Statutes Relating to Pharmacy regarding the requirements for pharmacy technicians (Neb. Rev. Stat. 71-1,147.65 through 71.1,147.72).  For the revised Pharmacy statutes click here

The Pharmacy Technician Registry is available on the Department’s website and will include the pharmacy technician’s name and identifying information; an indication of any non-alcohol, drug-related felony or misdemeanor convictions reported to the Department; and any other information that becomes required by rule and regulation.  The registry is intended as a resource for facilities that employ pharmacy technicians. 

Pharmacy technician registrations will renew biennially and will expire January 1 of odd-numbered years.  The biennial renewal fee is $25 and renewal notices will be sent at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. 

At the time of renewal, pharmacy technicians will be asked if they have had any non-alcohol, drug-related misdemeanor or felony convictions since the registration was issued or since the last renewal.  If there have been such convictions, the pharmacy technician will be required to submit documentation. 

If it is determined by the Department, with the recommendation of the Board of Pharmacy, that the misdemeanor or felony conviction is a non-alcohol, drug-related conviction, the pharmacy technician will be refused renewal.  The Pharmacy Technician Registry will be updated to include the conviction information.   In addition, the pharmacy technician registration may be suspended or have other disciplinary measures taken against it. 

It is important that pharmacy technicians update their mailing address with the Department so that licensure information, including renewal notices, will reach them.  It is also helpful to update their address so that the Pharmacy Technician Registry maintains correct information. 

Questions pertaining to pharmacy technician registration can be directed to our office by e-mail at dhhs.medicaloffice@nebraska.gov or by telephone at 402/471-2118 and to Vonda Apking by e-mail at vonda.apking@nebraska.gov or by telephone at 402/471-4926.

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