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Pharmacy Technician Registration

How do I file a complaint?  To file a complaint, see the Investigations Division web site: www.dhhs.ne.gov/reg/investi.htm

What activities must be reported by a licensee, certificate holder, or registrant?

Pharmacy technicians and pharmacist interns are exempt from the mandatory reporting requirements that are in place for pharmacists and other health professions and occupations governed by the Uniform Licensing Law.  However, a pharmacy technician is required to report first-hand knowledge of facts giving him or her reason to believe that any person in his or her profession, or any person in another profession under the regulatory provisions of the Department, may be practicing while his or her ability to practice is impaired by alcohol, controlled substances, or narcotic drugs. 

A report made to the Department under this requirement is confidential.  Any pharmacy technician making a report to the Department under this requirement, except for those self-reporting, shall be completely immune from criminal or civil liability of any nature, whether direct or derivative, for filing a report or for disclosure of documents, records, or other information to the Department under this requirement.  This immunity does not apply to any person causing damage or injury by his or her willful, wanton, or grossly negligent act of commission or omission. 

How is a complaint reviewed, and what is the disciplinary process?  The following provides information relating to the complaint, investigative, and disciplinary process.

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