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Temporary Educational Permit
Board Information

The Board of Medicine and Surgery advises the Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health on all issues related to the regulation of physicians. Board member composition and length of terms follows:

Membership: 2 Medical School Faculty Members
1 Osteopathic Physician Member
3 Professional Members
2 Public Members
Length of Term: 5 years, no more than 2 consecutive full 5-year terms.
Professional Requirements: Medical School Faculty Members must be on staff at a medical school in Nebraska.
Been actively engaged in practice of his/her profession in the State of Nebraska, under a license issued in this state, for a period of 5 years just preceding his/her appointment.
Public Member:
  1. Be a resident of this state who has attained the age of majority;
  2. Represent the interests and viewpoints of consumers; and
  3. Not be a present or former member of a credentialed profession, an employee of a member of a credentialed profession, or an immediate family or household member of any person presently regulated by such board.

The Board of Medicine and Surgery meets regularly - see Board meeting Schedule for meeting dates and times. Meetings are open to the public, with the exception of investigational matters. Minutes of meeting are available here or by contacting Kelli Dalrymple at (402) 471-2118 or by e-mail at kelli.dalrymple@nebraska.gov.  

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