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Change Notification

Change of Ownership or Location

A change of ownership (sale, whether of stock, title or assets, lease, discontinuance of operations) or premises terminates the license.  An pdf icon initial application is required.

The Department must be notified in writing within five working days when a facility is sold, leased, discontinued or moved to a new location.

Change in Capacity

A hospital must not use more beds than the total number of beds for which the hospital is licensed. Changes in the use and location of beds may occur at any time without Department approval for licensure purposes. The facility must not locate more individuals in a patient room than the capacity for which the room was originally approved.

Increase of beds

The Department must be notified at least 30 working days prior to the date the hospital wishes to increase the number of beds for which the hospital is licensed.

New Construction

If new construction is planned, construction plans must be submitted for Department approval prior to any new construction affecting patient care portions of the hospital. The Department may accept certification from an architect or engineer in lieu of Department review.

Change of Administrator

The Department must be notified in writing within 5 working days when:

  • a vacancy in the administrator position occurs including who will be responsible for the position duties until another administrator is appointed.
  • the vacancy of the administrator position is filled including the effective date and name of the person appointed.

Change of Facility Name

The Department must be notified in writing within 5 working days when a facility has a change in name. pdf icon Name Change Form

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