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Assisted-Living Facilities

To determine compliance with operational, care, treatment and physical plant standards, the Department inspects the assisted-living facility prior to and following licensure. The Department determines compliance through on-site inspections, review of schematic and construction plans, and reports of qualified inspectors.

Initial Inspections (PDF File 175 NAC 4 Sections 005.01-005.02E):

The Department must conduct an initial on-site inspection to determine compliance with 175 NAC 4 Sections 006 and 007. The inspection must occur within 30 working days, or later if requested by the applicant, of receipt of a completed application for an initial license. The Department must provide a copy of the inspection report to the assisted-living facility within ten working days after completion of an inspection.

Physical Plant Inspections (175 NAC 4 Sections 005.03-005.03B2):

The Department must conduct inspections for conformity with construction plans and compliance with PDF File 175 NAC 4 Section 007 at new facilities or new construction prior to use or occupancy.

Compliance Inspections (175 NAC 4 Sections 005.04-005.06B):

The Department may conduct an onsite inspection at any time as deemed necessary.

Electronic Statement of Compliance

         PDF File Instructions for ALF Electronic Statement of Compliance

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