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Assisted-Living Facilities

Eve Lewis
Program Manager

Long Term Care Section

A facility where shelter, food, and care are provided for remuneration for a period of more than 24 consecutive hours to four or more persons residing at such facility who require or request such services due to age, illness, or physical disability.

An assisted-living facility does not include a home, apartment, or facility where:

  1. Casual care is provided at irregular intervals, or
  2. a competent person residing in such home, apartment, or facility provides for or contracts for his or her own personal or professional services if no more than 25% of persons residing in such home, apartment, or facility receive such services.

An assisted-living facility is not a nursing home and cannot provide complex nursing interventions.

Licensure means: The Department has issued a license to operate a facility in the State of Nebraska to an individual, government, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other form of business operation that is legally responsible for the facility's operation.

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