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The State of Nebraska licenses the following types of facilities:

(facility types with web sites will be linked - facility types without web sites will have a contact number)

BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Adult Day Services BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Home Health
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Assisted Living Facilities BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Hospices
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Body Art Facilities BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Hospitals
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Certificate of Need Program BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Child Care Facilities BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Laboratories
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Children's Day Health Services  BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Massage Therapy Establishments
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Children and Youth Services Licensing BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Mental Health Centers
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Cosmetology Establishments BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Nail Technology Establishments
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Developmental Disabilities - call (402) 471-9607 BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Nursing Homes

BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Dispensing Practitioners
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Electrology Facilities
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Esthetician Establishments
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Funeral Establishments
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Health Clinics

BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Pharmacy Facilities: In-state, Community Pharmacies

BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Pharmacy Facilities: Out-of-state, Mail Service Pharmacies

BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Rehabilitation Agencies - call (402) 471-4967
BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Respite Care Services

  BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
  BurgandyBall.jpg (792 bytes) Wholesale Drug Distributor

 Health Care Facility Rosters 

Listings by city of health care facilities licensed in Nebraska

Summary of residential facility standards in which SSI recipients reside 

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