Nail Technology

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Licenses issued by Nebraska:

Nail Technician:  You must be licensed if you:

  • Attach, shape or adjust artificial nails using acrylic, resin, fabric, or gel application systems
  • Sanitize the nail plate to get ready for artificial nails
  • Cut, file, buff, polish, clean or do other cosmetic services on the nails when done as part of the artificial nail service.
  • Clean, massage or do similar acts on the hands or feet of any person when done as part of the artificial nail service
Nail technology DOES NOT include:
  • Cutting nail plates, corns, or calluses or medical treatment on the feet, hands, or nails
  • Waxing to remove hair

Nail Technology Instructor:  Teaches in a nail technology school.

A license is NOT required in Nebraska to provide:
  • Manicuring/pedicuring of the NATURAL nail
  • Retail/wholesale of beauty/nail products  

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