Nursing Home Administrator

Types of licenses issued to individuals in Nebraska:

Nursing Home Administrator:   An individual who is responsible for the operation of a nursing home.

Provisional License:  A person otherwise not qualified for licensure as a nursing home administrator who is selected to serve as the administrator in order to maintain daily operations.
Nursing Home Administrator Responsible/Overseeing More Than 1 Facility or the Dual Role of Administrator and Department Head:
An Administrator may be responsible for and oversee the operation of up to 3 licensed facilities or may act in the dual role of administrator and department head (but not in the dual role of administrator and director of nursing).
Nursing Home Administrator of a Facility Caring Primarily for Persons with Head Injuries and Associated Disorders:   An individual who will function as the administrator of a facility caring primarily for persons with head injuries and associated disorders.
Mentoring/Administrator in Training (AIT):  A person who is training to become a nursing home administrator and is supervised in a Nebraska nursing home by a certified preceptor.
Certified Preceptor:  A person who is currently licensed by the State of Nebraska as a nursing home administrator and is approved by the department to supervise a person in a mentoring or AIT program.
NOTE: To practice in Nebraska, you must hold a Nebraska license.  


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