Medical Radiography

Temporary Medical Radiographer

This is a student in a medical radiography education program who has completed at least 12 months of that program. This person can perform the duties of a limited radiographer. A temporary license expires 18 months from the date it’s issued and cannot be renewed.

Limited Radiographer

This person may perform:

  • Medical radiography on limited regions of the human body using routine procedures for interpretation by and under the direction of a licensed practitioner
  • Bone Densitometry. This requires a separate examination.

Medical Radiographer

This person may practice medical radiography on any part of the human body for interpretation by and under the direction of a licensed practitioner, except for interpretive interpretative fluoroscopic procedures.

Temporary Limited Computed Tomography (CT) Radiographer

A person registered in nuclear medicine can apply for a temporary limited CT license. This license expires twenty-four months after it's issued and cannot not be renewed. Persons licensed as temporary limited CT radiographers can perform medical radiography restricted to CT while under the direct supervision and in the physical presence of licensed practitioners, medical radiographers, or limited CT radiographers.

Limited Computed Tomography Radiographer
This person may practice medical radiography restricted to CT scan. Note: A nuclear medicine technologist may perform CT without being licensed under the Medical Radiography Practice Act if such practice is limited to X-rays produced by a combination nuclear medicine-CT system and administered as an integral part of a nuclear medicine procedure that uses a CT protocol for purposes of attenuation correction and anatomical localization only and if the nuclear medicine technologist has received documented device-specific training on the combination nuclear medicine-CT system.

Licensed practitioner
This is a person licensed to practice medicine, dentistry, podiatry, chiropractic, osteopathic medicine and surgery, or as an osteopathic physician. 

For complete definitions of the above license types, please see the regulations for medical radiography.


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