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CRL Mail Service Pharmacy Application/Licensure Requirements

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Mail Service Pharmacy
Application/Licensure Requirements

Application/Licensure Requirements

To be qualified to hold a mail service pharmacy license, a facility needs to hold a pharmacy license or permit issued by and valid in the state in which the facility is located and from which such prescription drugs will be shipped, mailed, or otherwise delivered.

The facility must employ at least one pharmacist who works on-site at the facility and holds a current unrestricted Nebraska pharmacist license issued under the Uniform Credentialing Act who shall be responsible for compliance by the mail service pharmacy with the Mail Service Pharmacy Licensure Act. If the Nebraska licensed pharmacist leaves employment at the facility, the facility must halt all shipments and deliveries to Nebraska patients until such time that the facility has completed the  amendment process. The Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) designated in the home state of the facility does NOT need to be the chosen person to hold the Nebraska pharmacist license. The mail service pharmacy shall notify the department when the PIC and/or the Nebraska licensed pharmacist is no longer employed by such pharmacy by completing an  amendment. In order to view the information on how to obtain a Nebraska pharmacist license, please view the information for pharmacist licensure available in pharmacist licensure.
To obtain a mail service pharmacy license, please submit the following:
  1.  mail service pharmacy application (NOTE: On page 1, question 1 of the application, please list the name of the facility EXACTLY as it appears on the home state pharmacy license.  On page 1, question 5 of the application, make sure that the list of RPs working at the pharmacy's location you are attempting to license is a COMPLETE list of ALL RPs working at the location. List them again, even if you mention them elsewhere in the application);
  2. Copies of the last 2 on-site inspections completed by the home state for the facility at the address noted on application (NOTE: If you have not had 2 inspections completed by the regulating agency in your state, you should create a memo explaining this situation. MAKE SURE THAT THESE INSPECTIONS ARE FULLY READABLE! If they are not easily able to be read, do NOT send them with your application. They will not be accepted. If you are unable to make a fully readable copy of your inspections, you will need to contact your state Board and have them make a copy from their originals for you to send with your application);
  3. A check for the $255 application fee made payable to DHHS Licensure Unit;
  4. Contact your state Board and have them send DIRECTLY TO NEBRASKA a certification (see definition of certification under Certification/Verification of Licensure) of your facility's license and your PIC (RP designated on the facility’s home state license as the PIC); and
  5. If your facility, PIC, and/or Nebraska licensed pharmacist has been subject to any disciplinary ACTION(S) on a license in any state, please answer YES to the appropriate questions on page 3 of the application AND supply a letter of explanation AND documentation related to the discipline.  Failure to report discipline could result in DISCLIPLINARY ACTION imposed upon Nebraska licensure or DENIAL of Nebraska licensure.

All supporting documentation and licensure of a Nebraska licensed RP are required to complete the application process. The application process must be completed within 150 days from the date the mail service permit application is received by the Department. If such documentation and Nebraska RP licensure is not completed within this time, the application and supporting documentation will be destroyed and a refund will be processed, less the administrative fee of $25.


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