Medical Nutrition Therapy

Nebraska requires a license to provide medical nutrition therapy.  This involves the assessment of patient nutritional status followed by treatment, ranging from diet modification to specialized nutrition support, such as determining nutrient needs for enteral and parenteral nutrition, and monitoring to evaluate patient response to such treatment.
A patient is a person with a disease, illness, injury, or medical condition which requires nutritional interventions as an essential component of standard care of the person.

If you provide Medical Nutrition Therapy in Nebraska, services must be performed under the consultation of a physician licensed in Nebraska.

NOTE:  Nebraska does NOT license the following:

• Dietician
• Nutritionist
Additionally, a license is NOT required to provide general nutrition services.  General nutrition services include:
  • Identifying the nutritional needs of individuals and groups in relation to normal nutritional requirements
  • Planning, implementing, and evaluating nutrition education programs for individuals and groups in the selection of food to meet normal nutritional needs throughout the life cycle.



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