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How do I file a complaint? To file a complaint, see the Investigations Division web site:

What activities must be reported by a licensee, certificate holder, or registrant? Every credentialed person who has first-hand knowledge of unlicensed, illegal or unethical activities is required to report (includes self-reporting) within 30 days of the occurrence. Failure to report may result in discipline. To view additional information relating to mandatory reporting, click on the options below:
     Mandatory Reporting Forms 
     Mandatory Reporting Summary (chart showing who is to report
          and what is to be reported) 
     Mandatory Reporting Regulations

Mandatory Reporting shall not apply:
  • To the spouse of the person
  • To a practitioner who is providing treatment to such person in a practitioner-patient relationship concerning information obtained or discovered in the course of treatment unless the treating practitioner determines that the condition of the person may be of a nature which constitutes a danger to the public health and safety by the person's continued practice, or
  • When a credentialed person who is chemically impaired enters the Licensee Assistance Program authorized by  Neb. Rev. Sect. ยง 38-175 except as provided in such section.

How is a complaint reviewed, and what is the disciplinary process? The following provides information relating to the complaint, investigative, and disciplinary process.

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