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Emergency Medical Services

Statutes, Rules, and Regulations
pdf icon Title 172 NAC 11 Regulations for Providers
pdf icon Title 172 NAC 12 Regulations for Services
pdf icon Title 172 NAC 13 Regulations for Training Agencies, Instructors, and Distributive Learning Organizations
pdf icon Title 172 NAC 14 Regulations regarding the use of AEDs
pdf icon The Emergency Medical Services Practice Act and the pdf icon Uniform Credentialing Act serve as guides for the Department and the Board of Emergency Medical Services
pdf icon Title 172 NAC 5 Regulations regarding Mandatory Reporting which apply to all health care professionals licensed in the State of Nebraska
  • Forms for Mandatory Reporting can be found here.
  • A chart showing who is to report and what is to be reported can be found pdf icon here.

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