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Cosmeticians, Cosmetology and Esthetics

Salon Applications, Requirements and Fees

NOTE: Nebraska does NOT allow mobile salons.


Cosmetic Establishment (can only apply make-up)
Cosmetology/Esthetic Salon
Cosmetology Salon or Skin Care Salon Application 
Application for Cosmetology Salon - Use if salon's license has expired due to missing the renewal deadline


Please review the application instructions carefully as they provide additional information relating to the requirements to obtain a license.
Cosmetology/Esthetic Salons:
  • Be a fixed permanent structure.
  • 150 square feet of floor space for 1 licensee and an additional 50 square feet for each additional licensee in the salon at the same time.
  • Physically separated from all other business or residential activities (except barbering, manicuring, pedicuring, and retail sales) by at least 6 foot fixed walls or partitions
  • Include toilet facilities unless the salon is located in a commercial building in which public toilet facilities are available that open directly off of a public area.
  • Meet all state or local building code and fire code requirements.
  • Must have minimal property damage, bodily injury, and liability insurance coverage.
  • If a salon is located in a home, it must be entirely separate from any living quarters, except that there may be one connecting door to the living portion of the dwelling as an access entrance to the salon for the owner or operator, but such entrance cannot be used by the general public.  Additionally, the salon must have a restroom within the salon for salon use only.
All services (cosmetology, nail, and esthetic) can be provided under the same establishment license as a separate license is not required for each type of service.  Massage therapy services can also be provided under a cosmetology salon license without obtaining a separate establishment license.
Cosmetic Establishment:
  • May be a counter or other clearly identifiable portion of a room or floor.
  • Have within the room or have access to hand washing sinks.
  • If located in a home, it must have room or rooms separate from the living quarters and have a private entrance.  This room(s) cannot be used for any residential purpose during the hours the cosmetic establishment is being used and all doors and windows connecting to residential quarters must be closed during business hours.


Chapter 34 Sanitation and Safety Relating to Nail Technology Services
Chapter 43 Sanitation and Safety Relating to Cosmetology and Esthetics Services

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