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Community Pharmacy

Inspection Information


The Department follows a common format for an onsite inspection report referred to as a PQAR, PHARMACY QUALITY ASSURANCE REPORT. Some pharmacies find the form helpful for reviewing areas of compliance prior to a Pharmacy Inspector conducting an onsite inspection at the pharmacy. Once an onsite pharmacy inspection is completed, the pharmacy will receive a dated copy of the inspection.  Please note the date of the initial on-site inspection as this will become the date that your self-inspection is due every year thereafter. 
Annual Self-Inspection
All community pharmacies are required to complete an annual self-inspection using the PQAR form, available from the Department. This self-inspection will be due ANNUALY on the anniversary date of the facility's initial on-site inspection.  The facility may complete the PQAR up to 30 days prior to the due date and submit it to their pharmacy inspector for review (addresses available at below link).
Pharmacy Inspectors
Pharmacy Inspector Listing by County
Jennifer King, RP   
Phone: (402) 405-7595 (cell) 
Mike Rueb, RP      
Phone: (402) 416-3534 (cell)
Dean Willson, RP   
Phone: (402) 237-9865(cell)
Other Licensure Contacts
Phone: (402) 471-2118
Fax: (402) 742-8355
Vonda Apking, Health Licensing Coordinator   

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