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Community Pharmacy

Closing Information

Change of ownership (sale, whether of stock title, or assets, lese, discontinuance of operations) or change of premises terminates the license.

As per Section 8-003.04 of the Pharmacy Facility Regulations, which went into effect April 29, 2007, the owner of the pharmacy is required to submit the below items to the Department for closure of the pharmacy.

Change of ownership or permanent closing of a pharmacy
Please complete theNebraska Pharmacy Permit Closing Form and return it to the Department along with the following:
  1. ORIGINAL Pharmacy License
  2. ORIGINAL Federal Controlled Substances Registration
  3. Any unused DEA Forms 222, 222a, or 222d
  4. Information on location of all patient records, including prescription files
  5. Information on what notification was made to patients of pharmacy regarding the change of ownership or permanent closing of the facility
Closing of a pharmacy license due to change of location only

For a change of location ONLY, the facility must submit: 
  1. Application for License to Operate a Pharmacy for the new location
     up to 5 weeks prior to the change of location; and
  2. Nebraska Pharmacy Permit Closing Form for Change of Location AND the original Pharmacy License within 15 days after closing.

In the section where the DEA information is to be entered on the closing form, please print "Change of Location Only" and indicate the Federal DEA number and the new provisional pharmacy license number.


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