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Nurse Aide

Transferring Nurse Aide From Nebraska to Another State


If you are on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry and are moving to another state, contact the Nurse Aide Registry of that state to find out what is required to transfer your nurse aide. You may obtain the contact information of the Nurse Aide Registry in another state at the National Council State Boards of Nursing website.
Some states have a verification form that you will need to complete and forward it to us to complete the verification section. Nebraska does not have forms required by other states. Contact that state to obtain their forms. We do not issue certificates or licensure cards for nurse aides. You can obtain a verification from the Registry. Nebraska does not charge a fee to complete this form. Requests are processed as soon as we can.

If you are faxing your application to us, make sure it is on white paper. (Colored paper does not fax well—if it is on colored paper, you will need to make a copy of it and use the white copy when faxing.)  It can be faxed, emailed or sent to or fax: 402-742-1151. The phone number is: 402-471-0537.
Licensure cards for nurse aides are not issued in Nebraska. You may check the Registry here.   

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