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Children's Day Health Service

Applications, Requirements & Fees

Initial Licensure Requirements – read Title 175 NAC 6-003.01.
  • Stage 1: Submit to the Department a complete application as required at 175 NAC 6-003.01A and 6-003.01B.  For facilities which meet the “new construction” definition at 6-002, see additional paperwork requirements on the Department’s Facility Construction webpage.
  • Stage 2: Pass an onsite inspection as required at 175 NAC 6-005 & submit a Completion Certificate form completed by a Nebraska licensed architect or engineer which documents compliance by the CDHS facility with 175 NAC 6-007.
    Prior to submitting an initial licensure application, the application must be complete and the applicant should be ready to operate, but not be operating. The CDHS Administrator and back-up Administrator, who meet the requirements at 175 NAC 6-006.02, must be prepared to demonstrate during the Department’s onsite inspection how the CDHS will comply with the requirements at 175 NAC 6-006 & 6-007 through the use of organizational charts, job descriptions, policies, procedures, forms, and similar items along with a physical inspection of the CDHS facility prior to the applicant being issued a license by the Department.

Renewal Licensure Requirements – read Title 175 NAC 6-003.02.
  • Stage 1: Department mails to licensee a notice of expiration & renewal application.
  • Stage 2: Licensee returns to the Department the renewal application with correct owner signatures, owner titles, dates, renewal fee, and additional items as required at 175 NAC 6-003.02A.
  • Stage 3: Department mails to licensee an updated license card after a complete renewal application is received.
Fees: The licensee must pay fees for licensure and services as set forth at 175 NAC 6-004.09.

Forms: The following form may be completed online but must be printed, signed, and mailed to our office. We require an original signature on all applications.
Renewal Licensure Application: please call (402) 471-4967 

Documents in PDF PDF format require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader
which can be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems, Inc.
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