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Center for Persons with Developmental Disabilities


The DHHS, Division of Public Health conducts onsite inspections at Centers for Persons with Developmental Disabilities prior to and following issuance of a license to determine compliance with Title 175 Chapter 3, Regulations Governing Licensure of Centers for Persons with Developmental Disabilities.
Initial Licensure Inspections:
An onsite inspection is scheduled with the applicant after the DHHS Division of Public Health has received a complete initial licensure application.  Within 30 working days from receipt of a completed application the Division will conduct the initial onsite inspection, unless the applicant requests the inspection to occur at a later date.
At the time of submission of the application and request for the initial onsite licensure inspection, the facility should be furnished and ready to operate, (but not operating).  The applicant must be prepared to demonstrate during the onsite inspection how the facility will comply with the requirements of 175 NAC 3.  Compliance is demonstrated for example through review of policies and procedures, record keeping, staffing, and tour of the physical environment prior to being issued a license.
Compliance Inspections:
Following initial licensure, the DHHS Division of Public Health may conduct unannounced onsite inspections at any time the Division deems necessary to determine compliance with 175 NAC 3. 

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