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Assisted Living Facilities

Applications, Requirements & Fees


An applicant for an ALF license must meet requirements in:
An applicant must:
  • Submit a written application
  • Submit the required fee, and
  • Pass an on-site inspection, when required.



Renewal Process:  Notice of Renewal is sent to the facility no later than 30 days prior to the license expiration date. A renewal must include a renewal application and the required fee.




Title 175 Chapter 4 Regulations Governing Licensure of Assisted Living Facilities
4-004.09 Fees: The licensee must pay fees for licensure as set forth below:

  1. Initial and Renewal Licensure fees:
    a. 1 to 10 Beds $ 950
    b. 11 to 20 Beds $1,450
    c. 21 to 50 Beds $1,650
    d. 51 or more Beds $1,950
  2. Duplicate original license: $10
  3. Refunds for denied applications:
      • If the Department did not perform an inspection, the license fee is refunded except for an administrative fee of $25.
      • If the Department performed an inspection, the license fee is not refunded.



For additional information contact:

(402) 471-3324

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