An Acupuncturist means a person who
  1. Has graduated from, after having successfully completed the acupuncture curriculum requirements of, a formal, full-time acupuncture program at a university, college, or school of acupuncture approved by the board which includes at least one thousand seven hundred twenty-five hours of entry-level acupuncture education consisting of a minimum of one thousand didactic and five hundred clinical hours;
  2. Has successfully passed an acupuncture examination approved by the board which shall include a comprehensive written examination in acupuncture theory, diagnosis and treatment technique, and point location; and
  3. Has successfully completed a clean-needle technique course approved by the Nebraska Board of Medicine and Surgery.

The acupuncturist is licensed to practice acupuncture under the Uniform Credentialing Act and has been presented by the patient with a prior letter of referral from or a medical diagnosis and evaluation completed by a practitioner licensed to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery within ninety days immediately preceding the date of an initial acupuncture treatment . 

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