Nebraska Child Death Review Team


The Nebraska Legislature created the Child Death Review Team (CDRT) in 1993.   At that time, about 300 Nebraska children were dying each year but there was no process to understand why and how the deaths happened.

The CDRT reviews the numbers and causes of deaths of children ages 0 to 17.   CDRT members also try to identify cases where a person or community could reasonably have done something to prevent the death.   All child deaths are reviewed, not just “suspicious” or violent ones.  

The goals of these reviews are to:

  • Identify patterns of preventable child death;
  • Recommend changes in health care and social services systems' responses to child deaths;
  • Refer any previously unsuspected cases of abuse, malpractice, or homicide to law enforcement; and,
  • Report to the public and state policy makers about child deaths.   These reports include recommendations on changes that might prevent future deaths.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Severe-Oforah
Maternal Child Health Epidemiology Coordinator
(402) 471-2091


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