WIC Vendor Retailers

Vendor retailers are important partners in delivering the Nebraska WIC program. Use this site to find announcements, updates, training resources and more.


News & Announcements


Mark Your Calendars

 Wondering when eWIC will rollout to your area?   Please see our WIC EBT page.


February 2018

eWIC Retailer Webinars: 

Six webinar sessions were held for WIC retilers between January 23 and February 9th to learn about upcoming changes and procedures associated with the state's rollout of eWIC. Live Q & A sessions were held in Lincoln and North Platte to answer additional questions. If you missed these meetings, please check out our WIC EBT page to listened to recorded webinar. Information about these trainings was initially shared in a retailer letter sent out on December 29th.


WIC Foods No Longer Authorized:

Retailers received a list of WIC foods that will no longer authorized after February 28, 2018.  These foods will need to be removed from your cash register systems as WIC approved by February 28, 2018. If you need the updated list of foods please contact your local agency WIC vendor manager.

WIC Approved Foods Booklet - Oct 1, 2017 to Sept 30, 2019



January 2018 

New shelf labels have been sent out to stores. Please remove old shelf tags and post the new shelf tags as the logo has changed.  You will notice there are duplicate pages of the same labels.  Please keep these for replacements as labels get damaged or worn.