WIC Vendor Retailers

Vendor retailers are important partners in delivering the Nebraska WIC program. Use this site to find announcements, updates, training resources and more.

News & Announcements


The new contract period began October 1, 2015 and goes through September 30, 2017. Some recent changes to keep in mind are:

  • All types of fresh potatoes are now WIC approved.
  • Evaporated milk has been added to certain food packages and is now required in retailers' minimum inventory.
  • Retailers should give the WIC shopper their receipt at the time of purchase.
  • Retailers should deposit all WIC checks. Do not send check to WIC for review prior to deposit.
  • When Retailers receive checks that are stamped "Over $ Max, ACH may Apply" they are for the stores accounting record. Do not send to WIC agency.
  • There are new dollar values for Fruit & Vegetable checks: $4.00, $11.00, $16.50
  • If you need shelf labels, a window decal, or WIC Approved Food Cards, please contact your local vendor manager (contact information under Contact Us section).
  • Price lists will be submitted January 2016.
  • The Nebraska WIC Program has a new rebate contract with our current formula contractor, Mead Johnson. All contract formulas will remain the same.
  • You will find pricing information on the WIC website for Special & Medical Formulas under Vendor Resources.