FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does our store apply to become a WIC vendor?
To learn more about becoming an authorized WIC vendor, first contact the WIC vendor manager for your area. There are 13 vendor managers serving Nebraska. Find the WIC vendor manager for your area in the Contact Us section. The state WIC office will provide you with an application form and guidance in applying.
What do I do about problem WIC checks?
Use the Bookkeeper's Guide to WIC as your first reference. Questions not answered there may be answered in the Vendor Handbook. You are also welcome to contact your WIC vendor manager.
What is required for employee training?
Your contract stipulates that you will provide adequate training to employees involved in WIC transactions. There is no state requirement regarding the materials used, length of training, or a certification test. The only requirement is that a training log be kept at the store and made available upon request. Suggested training materials and a training log are provided in the Cashier Training Toolkit.