Cashier Training Toolkit  - October 2017

Training your cashiers on proper WIC procedures is required. The Cashier Training Toolkit is a resource provided to assist your efforts. Download the entire toolkit in a single PDF file or download only the components needed.

Training Components Training Activities Available in Toolkit
1. Overview 1. Nebraska WIC Cashier Video
2. Selecting WIC Foods 2a. Selection Food  Worksheet 2b. Flashcards Activity 2c. In-store Exercise


​2. Selecting WIC Formula & Baby Food


​2d. Selection - Formula

  Instructor Guide
  Worksheet Answer key

NEW - references on infant foods & formula:

Cashier Tool for Formula and Baby Food

Babyfood Worksheet

3. Evaluating WIC Shopping Carts 3a. Evaluation Worksheet 3b. Flashcards Activity 3c. In-store Exercise
4. Calculating Fruit and Vegetable Costs 4a. Calculation Worksheet 4b. Rehearsal at Checkout
5. WIC Transaction Process
  • PDF
6. WIC Transaction Issues 6a. Scenarios Worksheet 6b. Role Play Scenarios
7. Approach to WIC Customers 7a. Reactions Worksheet 7b. Role Play Reactions
8. Assessment 8. Post-training Test - 21 Questions