Pharmacy Training Videos
(All videos below are hosted on YouTube and open in a NEW browser window.)

These videos are meant to address the Nebraska Statute Requirements concerning training of public health staff that work in agencies that have a Nebraska public health pharmacy dispensing permit.


This video is intended to meet the requirement for training on the actions, drug interactions, and effects of contraceptives and approved drugs and devices.  It is intended for use by R.N.s and L.P.N.s working in public health clinics, but may be useful to other members of the staff. (2-hours runtime)
This video discusses each of the training requirements for all personnel working in Public Health Clinics with Delegated Dispensing Permits, with the exception of the pharmacology and therapeutics requirement for nurses.  Each segment is identified for each classification of personnel, although all personnel are encouraged to understand the statutory and regulatory requirements for dispensing pursuant to a Delegated Dispensing Permit. (1-hour runtime)