Newborn Screening in Nebraska
Information For NICUs  

dreamstime_1871870.jpgNeonatal Intensive Care Unit admissions occur for between 8-10% of Nebraska Births but account for at least 40% of the newborn screening follow-up work load.  The intensive care and treatment received by these newborns, as well as their own physiology and possible prenatal exposures, create multiple interferences with obtaining reliable screening results. 

In 2009 the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute adopted I/LA-31 Guidelines for Newborn Screening of Premature, Low Birth Weight and Sick newborns.  Some of the goals of the guidelines are to ensure consistent and complete screening, minimize the risk of a delayed or missed diagnosis, and to optimize the timing and minimize the number of specimens needed.  In 2011 Nebraska adopted the general recommendations of these guidelines via regulation. 

For more information, see these updates below, and refer to the Newborn Screening Regulations on the Links and Resources page.



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